Inqalaab International film festival 09
Films to be shown:

Sipahi Mul Singh Di - The Half Moon Files – 25 minutes

100 Year Old Voice Message –In Punjabi – an Ardaas -

"There once was a man. This man came into the European war.
Germany captured this man.; He wishes to return to India.
If God has mercy, he will make peace soon.
This man will go away from here."

Almost 100 years later, Mall Singh is a number on an old Shellac record in an archive – Humboldt Museum of All Languages of the World disappeares from this story. Their spirits and ghostly appearances seem to play with Philip Scheffner, the German filmmaker, to ambush him, and the Indian Counsel in Berlin. They pursue them, to bring their voices back to their home countries kinsfolk , but the  Indian Counsel in Berlin, did Not  issue  a Visitor Visa. On request by Philip Schneffer,  research in Mallayana and Dulera Villages in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh by Colonel [retd] Randhawa, Sh Chander Mohan, Bibi Sudip Kaur, et ell  these ghostly voices  came to life– in the Government Museum & Art Gallery- Sector 17 Chandigarh and aired by Vikramjit Chowdry on the NDTV   

The Halfmoon Files By German Film Maker Philip Scheffner Awarded Best Film In 2007
GOETHE INSTITUTE DOCUMENTARY FILM AWARD 2007 - at the 31. Duisburger Filmwoche 2007
- FILM AWARD OF THE CITY OF DUISBURG 2007 - at the 31. Duisburger Filmwoche 2007
- BEST DOCUMENTARY - at the Int. Independent Filmfestival of Mar del Plata 2007 (Argentina)
- PRIX DES MEDIATHEQUES - at the Festival International du Documentaire Marseille 2007

Ik Ardaas – The Prisoner’s Song - 30 minutes

"A Prisoner's Song", a 20 minute documentary, tells the story of an audio recording made of a Sikh Prisoner of War –Sepoy Mal Singh - in Germany during the First World War. This recording on acetate was discovered by German film maker Philip Scheffner in 2007, and forms the starting point of a review of the extraordinary role of Sikh soldiers in defending civilization, and the manner in which both the British and the Indian governments have handled their obligations to date towards these heroes in terms of the military pensions due to them as a result of their service and sacrifices. Michael Singh the producer cum director was brought up in India of Dutch, German and Sikh Heritage, and has an M. A. in Indian Languages - - . An insightful commentary by Indian Army veteran Colonel Randhawa points out the irony of the Sikhs who while fighting for their own independence in Historic Punjaab from the British oppression, were still willing to aid the Empire in their European “War for Civilization”. Britain’s dubious promise to Mal Singh and his family and Historic Punjaab ends this unique and poignant glimpse into the past. THE PRISONER’S SONG BY HOLLYWOOD FILM MAKER MICHAEL SINGH WAS AWARDED BEST FILM IN TORONTO SPINNING WHEEL FESTIVAL 2009

UNESCO’s forgotten Major Project – 20 minutes

This Film about the UNESCO Major Project of a series of English Translations - a work which may be described as an authorized version of certain sacred hymns of the Sikh scriptures: which was made possible by a group of writers led by Dr S. Radhakrishan former President of India. “The arrival of these long-looked for Comforters” and of the Creation Of The Order Of The Revolutionary Khalsa was also noted in Europe for the first time in 1849 when Captain J. D. Cunningham published the History of the Sikhs! This long forgotten Major Project is taken up now through this multi media medium to meet the mission as envisaged by UNESCO

Unesco’s Sacred Writings Of The Sikhs is about a forgotten Major Project whose Third Edition was published In Commemoration of the Tercentenary of the - Khalsa - - “these long-looked for Comforters” - - - - -

Inqalab- for Insaniyat – 30 minutes

Inqalab - for Insaniyat : War For Civilization – is a film about the Great Game: the Business of Profit through - terrorize, loot and plunder - by the Great[s?] ever since Alexander the Great[?] met Raja Porus on the banks of River Indus – of Historic Punjab - the traditional hunting ground of the players of the Great Game ever since then, even today & tomorrow?
Inqalab - War For Civilization – for Insaniyat -: is a Film about the about the Business of War & the Business of Profit thereto – at the cost of Truth – and Medals are sold @ Cheaper then Dirt - even today as an American Soldier – resigns.


Parliament of Ik World Religion -30 minutes

Parliament of Ik World Religion : is a Film about the Business of Education – subject of a RAND-sponsored discussion of Afghanistan in the Russell Senate Office, USA on the White Man’s Burthern;

The White Man’s Burden,
It is not wise for the Christian white
To hustle the Asian brown;
For the Christian riles- And the Asian smiles
And weareth the Christian down.
At the end of the fight- Lies a tombstone white
With the name of the late deceased;
And the epitaph drear,
A fool lies here, Who tried to hustle the East - - -
– Rudyard Kipling: -
b 1865 Bombay, Editor Civil and Military Gazette, Lahore,
Noble Prize in literature

Parliament of Ik World Religion : is a Film about Ik World Religion - The Universal Rule of One God - which was recognized in Europe by H. G. Wells when he published The Outline of History in 1918-1919 and the arrival of these long-looked for Comforters was also noted in Europe for the first time in the history of mankind in 1849.

A Challenge to the existing Business of Education – about the White Man’s Burthern - through their Business of Religion – to acquire divinity, through the Global profitable Business of Wine Women and War of Terror – - -

Supported by:
The International Sikh Confederation
The International Punjabi Society
Institute of Sikh Studies Chandigarh
Chandigarh Senior Citizens Association
The Senior Citizens Welfare Association Greater Chandigarh
Historic Punjab Forum UNESCO
Sikhya Seekers International Net
Et ell

Coordinated by

L Colonel [retd] Perminder Singh Randhawa, Liaison Consultant.
Sh Naval Preet Rangi, Film Producer
Sh Chander Mohan, Researcher

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