Punjabi Dialects and Learning Resources.

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Punjabi Dialects and Learning Resources.

Postby MacchiAmritsari » February 11th, 2013, 8:45 am

Sab to pehla, sareya nu bahut hi pyaar pari Sat Sri Akaal te Namaskar.

Aes topic de vich assi Punjabi te Punjabi Dialects de baare gal karange. Punjabi te Punjabi Dialects sikhan da bahut aukha kam hai ajjkal, kiounke jo resources jo mil jandiyan ne, o kafi bekaar hai. Mera khiyal hai ke tussi sare mare dost Stephen Gucciardi da na suneya. (See Videos)

Assi dovein, dujean nu Punjabi sikhan waste, using the internet, plan to create resources to teach Punjabi. Par jis traan main keh rahe siga, ajjkal resources bahut ghat mil jandiyan ne. Aes layi, I'd like to organize a group, whose purpose will be to come up with material, which will be used for teaching Punjabi. Some ideas we have:

Mobile Phone Apps (Dictionaries, Poetry, Muhawre, Alphabets)
Mirpuri/Pothwari Dialect Grammar and Vocabularies
Multani/Seraiki Dialect Grammar and Vocabularies
Malwai Dialect Grammar and Vocabularies
Majhi Dialect Grammar and Vocabularies
Doabi Dialect Grammar and Vocabularies
Translation and Explanation of Folk Songs and Folk Lore
Grammars Comparing Punjabi, Hindi, English.
Gurmukhi Lippi Guide
Shahmukhi Lippi Guide
An Online Written Course (Updated Regularly) which will have accompanying Videos (On YouTube?), to which readers/listeners can email feedback and suggestions.

Any interest?

Te maaf karo menu je mari Punjabi koi galtiyan haige ne, ke main apne aap nu sikheya Punjabi, te hun v sikha rahe haan :envy:
Main ik Punjabi haan, jis de maa peo ne enu Punjabi nahin sikhayi. Aes waste maine apne aap nu sikheya, te hun v sikha rahe haan. Je mari Punjabi koi galtiyan haige ne, menu maaf karo :D
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