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Yaar Anmulle Film OST

Yaar Anmulle MusicThe OST for upcoming Punjabi film Yaar Anmulle has just been released. The album comprises of 11 tracks. And the album has high standards of music. Most of the track are amazingly composed and penned really well.

The opening track is Desi Dude which is a bit too high on beats. Sridhar has sung it well and the lyrics are good, but if it was handled well, it really could have become a smash hit song. Tera Ishq Sohniye is a pure Lehmber Husainpuri track, full of Punjabi kicks and beats. The opening couplet is simply amazing.

The song is pretty much a compilation of Punjabi Boliyan which are very catchy. If this song was promoted as the title track, it would have been a greater success, for Punjabies love Lehmber.

Mika comes next with Jatt Tinka, which is one of the finest tracks on the album. great composition as well + pumped up lyrics. Salim’s Peerh is a brilliant track, which ends up as a crossover between a sad and an upbeat track. The song is very well composed and has great ups and downs in the rhythm. Definitely a great track to put on your playlist. In fact the song seems fit to be in a Hindi movie.

The album doesnt stop to surprise even after 4 tracks down the line. Mar Jawan is another great slow duet track. In fact the tracks tend to get better in the middle order. Listening to these lines in this track can make you fall in love right away.

Yaar Anmulle Music Album Score

Mein ni janda ho kiwein
tere naal pyaar hoya
ik pal ch mera dil
tera sau sau waar hoya

Yaar Anmulle Arya Babbar Punjabi Movie

Yaar Anmulle Arya Babbar Punjabi Movie

Yaar Anmulle Arya Babbar Punjabi Movie

Cant imagine how these songs have been shot in the film. Manak-E makes his presence felt with a UK oriented music in the song Crazy Ho Ke. The song is an average attempt. The balance is achieved by Kaler Kanth in the track Ehna Hanjuan Da Ki Kariye. Looking at from a distance, this track should have been grouped with Peerh and the impact would have been greater.

Remix tracks start with Desi Dude… pretty average attempt at remixing. The remix of Tera Ishq Sohniye is also average. This is due to the reason that the original tracks are done rather well and there really is no need for remix versions. And here comes a weird fact: there is a second version of Ehna Hanjuan Da Ki Kariye, but sung by Gurmeet Singh this time. Its equally good, but why are there two versions, we have no clue. perhaps it has a significance in the movie.

Yaar Anmulle Arya Babbar Punjabi Movie

Yaar Anmulle Arya Babbar Punjabi Movie

Yaar Anmulle Arya Babbar Punjabi Movie

The album ends with Aje thoda jeha Ro len De, sung by Zorawar Singh, which adds a great climax to the album. It sounds like an experimental song, but is a welcome as most people will love it. All in all its a great album to buy. The posters of the film have already won the battle, the music will only take it further.

Yaar Anmulle Arya Babbar Punjabi Movie

Yaar Anmulle Arya Babbar Punjabi Movie (3098)

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5 Responses to “Yaar Anmulle Film OST”

  1. Simranjit Singh
    November 16, 2011 at 6:01 am #

    Loved the movie, when i saw the trailers i was not expecting this movie to be sensitive piece of crap, rather i was exPecting it to be full of fun and frolic
    And yes it was full of that, jatt tinka stole the show with his brilliant acting and acute Malwai accent, songs were good too but i loved
    peerh by saleem,ro lainde by zorawar singh and last but not the least jatt tinka by mika,,

    Loved the movie will see it again
    Let me rephrase it once again for all the haters
    “movieeeee taa bahlii kaim aa, jihde fer v chaloonay ladno nai hatde oh naa dekho bai”

    Adios Amigos

  2. Jamie Sidhu
    October 1, 2011 at 2:30 pm #

    I just love the song Aje Thoda Jeha Ro Lain De.

  3. unleashedjatt
    September 17, 2011 at 11:57 pm #

    Super flop film…super flop actor…super flop..screenplay as well as dialogue…

    • tera dimaag khaarb aa
      October 19, 2011 at 10:57 am #

      without watching how can you say this.
      you are commenting on it on sept 17, on that day it was not released.

  4. bricktop
    September 13, 2011 at 3:02 am #

    Really sorry, i couldnt review the album for you guys

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