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Yaar Anmulle Film Review

Yaar anmulle film reviewReview by Bricktop –

Another victory for collective Punjabi Cinema. This film is going to do good and will also benefit from the good earnings of Jihne Mera Dil Lutya. Two great Punjabi films one after another in the gap of 2 months is something totally unheard of, but it seems now we are following the right track. Yaar Anmulle is a commercial entertainer and has no moral plot line or virtues to pass on. It’s sole purpose is to entertain your senses for its running length and to engage the audience in every single scene. The great news is that the film is successful in doing so.

What i personally liked about the film was that it actually looked like a film and had that feel of a cinema ready finish, and this quality is what most other films lack. Before i praise anyone else, the cinematography of the film has to be praised, for the camera in the film made dull insides of hostels look beautiful. Many other films have failed here, but the camera work in Yaar Anmulle wont let you feel bored with interiors.

So, the film has some great acting by Harish Verma, this chap has single-handily delivered the film to its comical flavors. His accent, body language and dialog deliveries are amazingly flawless. He was also very impressive in few emotional scenes. Loved this guy and his act. A lot of hopes from him in the future. Aarya Babbar has done well, but at times he goes too slow. But no complaints, he played his part well and has acted out his character well. Yugraj is equally good and people will love him in his “dabbu” character.The three members of the male cast never fall out of their character and sustain their mannerisms and this is the greatest virtue of them all.

Yaar Anmulle Film Scorecard

The three female leads have done well, however the film didn’t have much for them to do. Jividha actually manages to impress a lot more than she did in Lion of Punjab and so does “Prinka” aka Jenny. Jenny never falters in her accent and does stick to her character. Kajal Jain had a few scenes, but she looked awsome and the audiences awe-ed at her presence. The only complaint here would be, why didn’t we get to see more of them. Three of them did their parts well and their acting was good, they should have been given more scenes. It simply leaves you wanting for more. Every other character in the film did well. And Kake Shah did a lot more better than Bhottu Shah this time.

Yaar Anmulle Film Film Review

Kartar Cheema deserves a special mention as he did his part well with his huge body. I have firm belief that Cheema has a lot more potential as a hero, than a villain. Wonder when someone is going to give him a good role so that he can prove himself.

Yaar Anmulle Film Film Review

When it comes to plot, film really doesn’t have one really. Its just about 3 guys securing 3 girl friends. But as i have said before, such comedy films work on the premise of entertaining audiences in every single scene and as long as people keep enjoying every single dialog, the film keeps rolling and no one worries about the plot. Yaar Anmulle does the same. So no complaints for having no plot. It entertained and that’s all well and good. Oh they did manage to add a flimsy moral in Yugraj/Kajal Jain pair, but it really doesn’t register. Perhaps the plot was “Yaari”

Music of the film is damn good and it has been filmed well. No song has been filmed in its entirety in the film and that’s a wise step. Background Score of Yaar Anmulle is very good, well balanced and well carried on. Editing flaws in a couple of scenes and at times transitions are abrupt, but this happens only a couple of times, otherwise film moves smoothly.

Yaar Anmulle Film Film Review

And now for a few observations. These are minor glitches and shouldn’t affect the film’s performance. Neither they are faults with the film. I’m just putting them down because i noticed them and perhaps others noticed them as well.

Locations of the film weren’t consistent. They showed the campus to be a mix of Punjabi University and Lovely Professional University. It won’t cause much issues for those who haven’t seen these two locations, but majority of Punjabies know these landmarks of Punjab now and it was very confusing. It wasn’t me alone, people were making remarks that “eh patiala te Jalandhar ch challanga mari jande ne”.

Yaar Anmulle Film Film Review

Another big glitch was that Yugraj was shown to be from Ropar, but his accent had “dia dia” as of Amritsar residents. This could have been avoided. Also there were house flies moving around at the faces of our heroes and tee shirts here and there as well. That’s again avoidable.

A number of slang words have been used… i didnt like that. The family sitting next to me was really embarrassed at the scene where Aarya Babbar used the Punjabi F word. Either make a film like Delhi Belly, or keep it clean. This was very offensive. There is no point in using abusive language just to get some cheap thrills. This only makes youth more disoriented.

Yaar Anmulle Film Film Review

The bathroom where the fight between Aarya Babbar and Kartar Cheema takes place was a set and it was very very clear to me and some other friends who remarked “Lakad da bathroom oye”. So.. that set could have been better.

Also in the song sequence of Yugraj and Kajal Jain, Yugraj’s lip sync wasn’t to the point and it looked very amateur.

But seriously, it doesnt matter that these issues were there in the film, because i really enjoyed the film. If i wasnt supposed to review the film, i would have ignored all these faults. This film.. is worth the money.. WATCH IT..!! and if you want 10 times the return of your money, go with your friends.


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  1. yaar_anmulle_fan
    June 3, 2013 at 10:25 pm #

    khuda di kasm se…….eh movie menu bari pasand ayi eh

  2. tripti
    May 21, 2012 at 4:38 am #

    Awesome movie full on masti loved it must watch ..:-)

  3. ansh9023059365
    November 12, 2011 at 1:42 pm #

    kasm se iss jaisi imostinal or comedy movie aaj tak nhi dekhi.really i like it really

  4. Gagan
    October 19, 2011 at 5:59 pm #

    kaint aa movie….

    tenu jeep chalani aandi aa..naa…bike…naa…mainu taan iko gaddi chalani aundi aa bai..

  5. maverickjatt
    October 13, 2011 at 6:35 pm #

    [Comment Deleted - Reason: Abusive Language]

  6. Guru
    October 11, 2011 at 6:47 pm #

    [comment edited - Reason - Abusive Language] Story hai koi na janna dekhan becoz time waste hove ga…………..sari movie vich Ik banda gaint hai bhundi…….sher singh uf Tinka.

  7. Navtej Sandhu
    October 8, 2011 at 5:50 pm #

    A MUST watch movie !!

  8. October 8, 2011 at 3:53 pm #

    Loved both the reviews. Am gonna watch it for sure now !!


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