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Urban Pendu Cancelled along with 15 Saal?

Diljit 15 Saal Urban Pendu CancelledDiljit has just released an update on his Facebook wall saying that he is cancelling the song 15 saal and also the album Urban Pendu. This update is the result of the uproar against the promo of the video of the song 15 saal. There has already been near about 1000 comments made on the update at facebook.

Another incident that resulted into this unfolding of the events was the recent slip of Diljit on the stage in a PTC show. Earlier today he had also released a response video for that incident under the title “Facebook de Dakiye…”

What we are wondering about is if the whole album has been cancelled due to these events? If you are planning to make a comment on this issue, make sure you don’t use abusive language or any disrespecting remark against anyone. Any such comment will be removed. This post here is regarding the album Urban Pendu, not the rest of the issue.

As no one was ready to follow rules and the comments became personal towards each other and off the topic, we are disabling comments on the article.
Here is the update that was made by Diljit Dosanjh:

Gana ’15 saal’ kissey ney ni pura sunia k vicho kehna ki chaundey c,gana lokan dey entertainment layi bnaia geya c tey ik message v nal di nal den di koshish kiti c,j gana pura sundey tan shayad gal clear ho jandi par j tusi lok eh gana nai sunn na chaundey tan gana assi cancel kardey han,channels tey add band hai tey ‘URBAN PENDU’ album cancel kiti jandi hai,kisey diyan bhavnavan nu thais phaunchana sada maksaad nahi, jihna mere fans nu iss ganey di udeek c ohna ton maffi chauna, tey mera nal modha la k modha kharan valan da dhannwaad..

The promos of the video 15 Saal have already been removed from youTube.
Diljit’s Facebook page

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Here is is the facebook update:
Diljit Urban pendu 15 saal

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