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Tu Mera 22 Mein tera 22 Music Review

Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22 Music ReviewThe music of the movie Tu Mera 22 Mein tera 22 has been out for some days and it has been doing rounds. The music of the movie is good, but it has been hit by the delay in the releasing date of the film. If the film had released on its scheduled time, the sales and the gossip about the music would have gone into high gear as well. It’s a shame really, as the music of the movie is actually very good.

Sarghi is best track on the album, both lyrically and music wise. Amrinder is completely in his element in this song as such songs suit him really well. There is a touch of innocence to this song, a touch of genuine feelings and it feels like an alive song of sorts. The music strangely has alternative rock tone to it, which is simply to die for.

Vakh is another asset on this album and people will listen to it even after the times have passed. Beautiful track with amazing music which is very hard to put into a specific genre. The only thing we can think of is New Age fusion or something. It even has a tinge of gothic in it. Lord knows what goes in Honey Singh’s mind.

Although you will enjoy most the tracks and will love some more than others, the track that gets stuck to your tongue is the title track. The sound of “Tu mera 22 ee ee ee ee” just gets stuck to your sub conscious and you keep singing it all day long. It cannot be denied that this is the most catchy song on the album. The second song to get your attention is Baby This Baby That. Although its not as great as the title track but it finds its place below it. It’s another club track with techno sound to it but it will be forgotten.

Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22 Music Review

Maula Jaane is another soft track which uses the tabla to its greatest effect. Beautifully sung and composed this track is again a long lasting number. The weakest song we found was Hooran Naal Nachdi as it really fails to leave a long lasting impression and is easily forgettable. This is the only song not sung by Amrinder or Honey and brings in master Sleem for some flavor.

All the songs have been written by Alfaaz and that is saying a lot. Normally you won’t expect something like Sarghi and Wakh from him, but these two songs show how greatly he can conceive songs out of his repertoire.
The music of the album is amazing. You have so much variety of genres. There is techno and trance, there is a suggestive dose of rock and there is you don’t know what in “Vakh”. Honey Singh might be sounded by the shadows of his lyrical capacities, but he has tons of talent. He is the only composer who is actually experimenting in the field and is breaking some age old barriers.

The problem with Punjabi Film Music is that people don’t take it seriously unlike Hindi movies. Its not considered something to be taken sincerely and is considered to be forgotten. In truth, the music from the movies is actually some of the best for some years now. Listen to the songs from Tera Mera Ki Rishta, you will be blown away by the quality and the variety. Listen to anything Feroz Khan sang in recent years in movies, it’s all brilliant. Listen to the tracks of Yaar Anmullle, once again a collection of beautiful songs. But we dont remember them. They are easily forgotten. The same is the case with Tu mera 22 as it has amazing songs for people, but people will consider them just at something trivial and will forget them. The advice is… don’t. Keep these tracks with you so that you can listen to them even after years and refer back to them. (5728)

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  1. September 8, 2013 at 11:51 am #

    honey singh aap bohat pyary ho amrinder gill u r very sweet dono ke acting bohat ache hai sary song bohat vadiya hai sargi to bohat he best song hai hum aap dono k bohat vady fan hai

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    nice nice very beautiful movie mary pasand k dono singer hai nice style amrinder gil and honey singh nice beautiful camastry

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    thts true ..i have never consider punjabi movie music for parties…just punjabi album…its just where our mind set

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    Very good review! Mainu v sargi wala track sab to jada vadiya lagia :)

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    Very good review! Everything covered

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