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The (Un)Social Network

Unsocial NetworkAs soon I began to create words with alphabets, I grabbed a pad and wrote a letter in almost broken English to my Massi ji in mid 90’s. I was enthralled by the reply. The whole time I was so eagerly waiting for the reply. The parcel was stamped with feelings and there were true and pure amore in the letter.

Well I had observed my parents posting few more letters on special occasions like Diwali, New Year, etc. to relatives and friends. Time passed by. The first red beetle telephone was installed in our house. When whole family gathered around the phone kept on best of stools with embroidered table cloth, the small me was asked to make a call. I called my friend whose number I knew.

I was perplexed by the way the people could now be easily approached within few tring trings. My father would make number of calls every now and then. My mom would spend hours and hours on phone talking my grandparents and other colleagues from work. As I was small, I just had a job of taking the message and later conveying to my parents. Ha!!

Thanks to exponential technical growth, that textures of letters started crumbling and telephone’s color was no longer red, that we had brand new Motorola mobile amongst our family. I would spend hours playing games on the phone. Games, polyphonic ringtones, blank calls and of course the biggest breakthrough of the century, the SMSes.

I can’t not just forget my first SMS chat from my mom’s mobile to my friend. The vision went global with internet knocking at the door, sending emails, socializing with orkut and the eventually and lastly, the facebook.

Well, the hard part here is that it becomes difficult for me to sum up the things that advanced thereafter. We have our own phones now; the feeling of being dependent is absent. We now bob for some privacy, hence tagging us grownups. The social life now remains confined to a login ID and a secret password. The society may now be virtually connected, but socially we have moved miles and miles away from each other.

Letters in earlier times

Initially these things were cherished with warmth, used scarcely and amazed on finding some closed one over the facebook. New profile pictures, status, commenting and following your old love on the social network were inclusive in the workaday. With mortar of scarps, building walls of social slabs has gone to the heights that now stand to be nearly impossible to scale down. These walls to many perspectives are good for they keep people apprised with day to day happenings and people get to know what their friends are actually up to that particular moment. People often tend to type www.facebook.com whenever go over internet. It has become a common syndrome amongst the social freaks to check and update their profiles every now and then. It had become so necessary that major tech manufacturers had to introduce the facebook apps in their gadgets. It’s hard to spruce facebook as a boon or a curse. It has successfully able to bring the globe to one single point. When my sister migrated to Australia for first time, it was facebook which brought tears to my mother’s eyes watching her daughter’s photos after years.

Facebook helped many in finding a life partner, ideal or flawed. We can now follow our favorite movie stars by simply following their fan page. The word follow reminds me of micro-blogging, partner in crime, twitter. People remains update, as they should be. The social networks have proved to be faster than news channel who take at least a while to put up news, while the thing goes viral with pictures and a brief description. Don’t forget its ability to allow people to form secret groups and hold meetings whenever they feel like. The recent collaboration with Skype has shown an upsurge in the usage of facebook messenger bringing people residing miles and miles away to juxtaposition, including my sister.

Transformation of Telephones to Cell Phones

The only difference between the messages sent over social network and the letter sent to me by my masiji is that, it is sans feelings and affection I every time long for. The messages often have smileys that roll over and laugh, hug and kiss, look busy, show concern, feel shocked, feel dizzy, at the time when the sender sits emotionless. We have grownup but we have also learnt to fake ourselves for the sake of just remaining the social frogs. The long “hahahahaa” sent by the crying person, the ‘awwww’ as a concern sent by least bothered person, the forceful birthday wish, the callous RIP, the uncontrolled poke, the laggard hi!, the unlimited stalking and long masked chats doesn’t depict the holiness of the invention. You never know, what the person feels on the other end.

The ‘you can’t me see me’ feeling has crept into mindsets of people and they tend to enjoy a privacy of maximum degree thus misguiding the people about their actual state of mind. These also have become a medium for back-biting and cold wars because people have literally forgot to talk and sought out things. Often, things get worse at conversation on facebook, take a sharp turn and turn into a disaster.

Religion and beliefs have managed to get 1 million likes, if ignored would inhibit a misfortune. Creating fake pages and posting pictures of innocent girls in a vulgar manner has brought up an extremely raunchy image of the society we live in. talking about the society, the people have become so lethargic that they have started charities in the form of likes and shares. The recent heinous, shameful, embarrassing and demonic misact of rape of 23 year old in Delhi has shown the people’s demeanor about the wrongs around them. The people simply would change the display pictures, put up statuses, share the stories about the incident, curse the rapists and show their anger towards the regencies, everything sitting with their bottoms on the mattress. It has been just two days that people have now turned off from the issue and moved on. While people have actually no idea, what the girl in hospital is going through, they are busy updating their concern on the social network.


The recent candle light march in sector 17 against this incident exposed the mindsets of people who were present there physically, but their minds busy making poses, so that they look good in pictures of protest to be published by organization’s FB page. If people say that these are a source of social connections, then I am sorry to conclude that the social networks have actually deprived the society of its real feelings and made it so lazy that people feel cumbersome to dial a number to talk, write what actually is in their hearts and go out and protest without any desire of advertisement.

The people have come a long way in shaping the society as it is today. The ever growing population and hectic schedules have also played a part in curbing the social ambiance that was previously in the olden days. Well, we all have excuses. We all have time. At least writing or talking with somebody that actually comes from their heart can prevent the society from the disaster it is heading towards.

This effort also may go long way because this society is connected by a person who was himself secluded. (4762)

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  1. Rav
    January 8, 2013 at 8:19 am #

    Impressive. Truly an eye opener, if only all of us take the time to acknowledge our shortcomings and try to mend them. Great job as always, Hitesh!

  2. geet sandhu
    December 25, 2012 at 1:11 pm #

    Thanks for this meaningful article Hitesh Inder Joshi ji. I couldnt agree more. I have bundles of letters and cards that i used to send to my cousins and friends. I simply loved writing those, and used to desperately wait for the replies. Your article brought back those memories. Wish that was still prevalent.

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