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Jin & Sheetal – Khol De Kunda (The Ordeal with A Door)

Jin & Sheetal - Khol De KundaMostly there are great songs in the market, but the music videos simply make them look ridiculous and the songs leave people’s memory without a trace. But once in a while comes a video which actually raises the level of the song. Kol De Kunda by Jin & Sheetal is not really an impressive songs with not so really great performances, but the video is surely a completely different deal. Its fun to watch and the acting by the male in the video is brilliant. He is very comfortable on camera and he certainly does the part of a drunk real well.

The ordeal with the door is the best part in the video… it makes you laugh effortlessly. The video doesn’t really try much hard to impress you, but the act itself makes you enjoy and make you watch the video. That said, the song itself is not something to look forward to and lyrics are terrible. A huge thumb down for the song, but a huge thumb up for the video.

Jin & Sheetal - Kol De Kunda

Jin & Sheetal - Khol De Kunda

Jin & Sheetal - Khol De Kunda

Jin & Sheetal - Khol De Kunda

Jin & Sheetal - Khol De Kunda

Jin & Sheetal - Khol De Kunda

Jin & Sheetal - Khol De Kunda


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2 Responses to “Jin & Sheetal – Khol De Kunda (The Ordeal with A Door)”

  1. Baljit Singh Hayer
    June 19, 2011 at 1:19 am #

    U know what in my opinion the whole song works singing is OK acting and the video is something else really good even my Grandad enjoyed it and he is 68 years old. I downloaded it from ituens and I have been addicted to the track IT grows on you…Great entertainment, award goes out to the male singer for acting

    • bricktop
      June 19, 2011 at 3:57 am #

      To be honest i didnt like the song that much… the video is surely good…

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