12:09 pm - Tuesday February 28, 2017

Is Jazzy B’s Boot a Copy of another song? You Decide

Jazzy B's Boot is a Copy of RDXJazzy B’s Boot is a Copy of another song? – Well, We leave the decision to you. Go ahead and watch this video of Suit N Boot as sung by Singer A-Man and the music by RDX Music Entertainment Co. and decide for yourself.

Jazzy B’s fans would say that its not, that its just one line. The other group will say even if its one line, its copied. The whole thing will end up as a big fight with nuclear bombs and Tomahawk missiles and Yo Mama jokes.

Hence, lets not speculate further and just enjoy the uncanny situation. One thing is for sure, the singer He-Man errrr A-Man wouldn’t have thought in his dreams that he will get into headlines like this after so long. Well enjoy it dude while the controversy and trolls last.

Also lets dedicate this article to Anu Malik who will probably say that the song is motivated and inspired lol.


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One Response to “Is Jazzy B’s Boot a Copy of another song? You Decide”

  1. Sikanderjeet
    October 18, 2014 at 2:27 pm #

    I don’t want to say anything about the lyrics…. but guys … see the difference in the standard of the songs….hell! jazzy b takes every thing to an unexpected level…… well even if it i said that lyrics r stolen…. this singer should thank Jazzy B for making this song so Popular….

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