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Indian Formula One Track is Coming Along Nicely

Formula One IndiaThe recently released World Motor Sports Council calendar has put the 2011 Indian F1 race on 30 October. This is, of course, subject to a pending final approval in May 2011 by the WMSC. The 5.14 km F1 race track is constructed by Jaypee Sports International (JSPI) at the Jaypee Sports City, in Great Noida, adjacent to the Yamuna Expressway that connects Noida and Agra and roughly 35 kms away from New Delhi. This race track is designed by Herman Tilke, with inputs from Bernie Ecclestone. Jaypee Group also sought feedback and inputs from Karun Chandok and other F1 drivers. This year, India will join Bahrain, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and South Korea, making Asia, a big player in hosting races.

Indian Formula One Grand Prix

Indian Formula One Grand Prix

Jaypee Group’s race official Mark Hughes is the track’s boss. He told the media that construction was happening in full swing, and the track would ready by May 31st, 2011. He told Times of India that the Indian F1 race track would be one among the fastest Formula One race tracks in the world. He expects that the average lap-time on this track would be approximately 1 min 24 sec.
The estimated cost of constructing the Formula One race track for the Indian leg of the 2011 season is Rs.1000 crore, according to some sources. The race track will be laid on 865 acres of land, in the 2500 acre Jaypee Green Sports City.

The track design has undergone a revision – Turn 3 is now wider so that F1 cars can go side by side adding to overtaking and drama which then continues onto the long back straight good for 320km/h before slowing down for turn 4, again a great sport for out-braking and overtaking. After lots of analysis and simulations, race organisers have decided to modify turn 7 in order to maximise overtaking opportunities leading to the banked corner 10. Grand Stands of capacity 13,000 welcome the cars at turns 10 and 11. The impressively designed main grandstand will house 30,000 spectators bringing the total capacity to over 120,000.

[Images Courtsey - Karun Chandhok]

Indian Formula One Grand Prix

Indian Formula One Grand Prix

The Indian F1 race track will have 16 corners. Formula One cars are expected to get an average speed of 210 kmph around the track. The main straight will allow f1 drivers to floor the throttle and achieve a maximum speed of 320 kmph. The race track stadium will have a capacity to hold 1,20,000 spectators and a huge grandstand near the 10 and 11 turns of the race track, that can accommodate privileged 30,000 spectators under its shade.

Every Formula One race is an extravaganza. There will be several days of supporting races and events prior to the race. We all know how Delhiites are about attending any major event – we just have to remember our experience at the Auto Expo 2010, with its huge crowds and confusion. There are good chances that Delhiites, whether F1 enthusiasts or not, would go to the F1 track for the fun. We suggest you book your tickets as soon as they become available. A hockey stadium, a cricket stadium with 1 lakh seating capacity is also under construction as part of the Jaypee Sports City. Already, an 18-hole golf course exists at the site.

Indian Formula One Grand Prix

Indian Formula One Grand Prix

The World Motors Sports Council gave a green signal to include India’s venue for the 2011 race calendar. In May 2011, The World Motors Sports Council will check for the race track work progress and will approve the decision to host the 18th F1 Championship Race on October 30th 2011. The F1 2011 calendar is fully packed with 20 races, the highest number of races ever in F1 championship racing history and the maximum number of races, allowed in a F1 Race. Among the 20 races, Europe will have 9 races and the Asian region will have 8 races. The remaining 3 races will be hosted in Australia, Brazil and Canada.

The 2011 F1 championship calendar
13 March: Bahran
27 March: Australia
10 April: Malaysia
17 April: China
08 May: Turkey
22 May: Spain
29 May: Monaco
12 June: Canada
26 June: Europe (Valencia)
10 July: Great Britain
24 July: Germany (Nürburgring)
31 July: Hungary
28 August: Belgium
11 September: Italy
25 September: Singapore
09 October: Japan
16 October: Korea
30 October: India
13 November: Abu Dhabi
27 November: Brazil

Indian Formula One Grand Prix

Indian Formula One Grand Prix

Narain Karthikeyan and Karun Chandhok, Indian F1 drivers who introduced India to F1, were excited about the Indian Grand Prix scheduled for 2011. Hispania Racing’s, HRT F1 Team’s Indian race driver Karun Chandhok, said he was excited about the Indian F1 race track. Karun acts as a consultant for the Jaypee group and visits the circuit site regulary. Knowing all the progress happening in the construction of the race circuit. He is clear that the organisers have been sincere by working hard to make the race next year a reality. He added that India, being a country of unlimited potential is identified as a key market by almost all commercial partners involved with Formula One.

Indian Formula One Grand Prix

Indian Formula One Grand Prix

Narian Karthikeyan, the first Indian F1 race driver, who raced for Jordan in 2005 said that its fantastic for him and he is really excited about it. He added that the Indian Formula One race, with Force India on the grid, should be a real treat for F1 fans in our country and this would be a catalyst for India to take motorsports to the next level. He expressed his views on the fast growing automotive sector and the attitude of car makers in India who generally did not encourage motorsports much would change after the Indian Grand Prix and the world-class race track in our country.

Force India, the homegrown first F1 racing team, is very much excited to drive in the Indian circuit for the 2011 F1 championship. Vijay Mallya, Team Principal of Force India and Chairman of Federation of Motor Sports Club in India and the FIA World Motorsports Council is delighted to know that India is enrolled in the 2011 calendar. He expressed his happiness by saying that he feels proud and wialks tall among the world’s motor sports community. He added that, India’s economic growth, which is nearing 9%, its young, aspirational population and Formula One’s growing popularity makes the country as ‘one of the most attractive future destinations for the F1 sport. He said that Indian Grand Prix, scheduled at the end of season in October should give plenty of time for Force India and he wants the team to be on the podium in the homegrown race track.

[Images Courtsey - Karun Chandhok]

Indian Formula One Grand Prix

Indian Formula One Grand Prix

Indian Formula One Grand Prix (2988)

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