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DsB – The Underground Music Sensation

DSB Punjabi RapperIt was in the year 2010 when Devinder Singh Bedi,who had given his class 11 exams in Non-Medical, could just get a little more than passing marks. He immediately realized Non-Med, in fact studies was not his cup of tea. He then decided to convert his interest in music to his passion. He changed his school and his stream after about 2 months he recorded his first song in a local studio by paying a decent amount. Being a Bohemia fan, it was a Punjabi rap song, Baigaana. Until then he had a facebook account with the name Manak(his pet name).

After this song, Devinder Singh Bedi changed to DsB. He started recording more songs and even took music classes from the same studio owner. A new talent in music began to grow. It took him another one year to completely settle down and amidst this he made his own studio in his small room. Using a decent mic and a couple of software he recorded more songs. Other than Punjabi raps, he sang R&B and unofficial cover songs of his favorite English singers. T-pain became his new idol. He started getting recognition in the underground music world. He also formed a group, The Bass Division, with a couple of more guys. DsB was now a new sensation in the underground music world. The good thing was he himself wrote his songs. He started recording songs of other underground and artists in his studio and was being even paid for it. Just when he was making something big, his group broke up due to reasons best known to them. But it was a blessing in disguise.

After months and months of hardwork, he got 2-3 talented people who had the same passion as he had and they formed a new group. During this period his training in music production as well finished. With some help from his parents, he bought and a new sound mixer, a casio and a better and costlier mic. In about a month he got more members for his group including a female singer. His group, Next Level Productons, has Laxya Freezy, Rishabh Sharma, Z-Sanj, Rashi Sood, Rajat Verma, Yogesh Sohal (Y2jay), Indermeet Tiwana & Sandy along with him as the members. In fact Makeshift Studios, their own small studio, does audio recording, photography and editing as well.

In December last year DsB and his crew released their first album, The Symphony. The album contained about 15 songs of different genres. It got 2000 downloads in just about a month. It is a big achievement in underground music. Other than this the crew, especially DsB, got offers from outside India. But a call from a well known artist from UK, his dream country, was his biggest compliment. The crew also had an article published on them in The Guardian, a local magazine in London. Recently they released their second album; The Vision 2013.The album got an even better and encouraging response from people. The album consisted songs of 6-7 genres like R&B, rock, hip hop, trance, dubstep, classical and UK Punjabi style. After this album, he got several more offers from prominent and well known artists from the UK industry and at the end of this year he is flying to UK. Recently he and his crew member, Laxy Freeze, were on air for one whole hour on a local radio station in New Delhi ,with some of their songs being played as well. DsB is now on the number 1 position in local R&B music on a global music website. He and his group are now coming up with a couple of videos for songs of their first album, The Symphony. They have started work on their next album, Trance to lite, which they claim will be even bigger and will have music like never before in India. Like thousands of their fans, I am waiting for this album as well and give my best wishes to them.

DSB Underground Music

DSB Underground Music

DSB Underground Music

DSB Underground Music

DSB Underground Music

DSB Underground Music

DSB Underground Music

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  1. March 30, 2013 at 5:18 pm #

    Good article Simran bai !! I will try to catch up their songs asap and see what they have got!

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    March 30, 2013 at 5:28 am #

    what a talented guy !! thanks for this article simran, and you wrote it beautifully. keep writing !!

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    March 29, 2013 at 8:51 am #

    Well done Simran… Very nice article…..
    I wish you luck DsB… !

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