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Drugs in Punjab in Focus – Such a Proud Moment

Drugs in PunjabToday they reported Moga is the drug capital in Punjab. Someone commented below the article : If Punjab does not take drastic steps, Moga will make Punjab Mogadishu. It took me a while to search what was Mogadishu. And I find out now that Mogadishu is the capital of Somalia.

Can Punjab become Somalia? Hhmm, I thought and remembered the flashy cars, lavish weddings, gold thrown away and showed off in weddings, food wasted in miniscule events as insignificant as someone’s sixth birthday, cloth market rampant with overpriced garments with housewives throwing red and green notes to the shopkeepers as if their homes get a daily shower of money from some supernatural powers sitting high above in the sky, malls here and there and never empty, youngsters having enough to spend in cafes and branded clothes – prosperity is everywhere. Punjab is booming, it seems when we see it on the surface.

Can Punjab become Somalia? Really? Not possible if we see the layers. But that is that hollowness underneath the surface?

With 70% of the youth now reportedly addicted to the drugs, since lack of entrepreneurship at local levels, not enough industrial opportunities and the bug of going to ‘videsh’ now trampled under numerous feet of the youth of 1990s now with more and more countries making it difficult for them to move out and send the money which seems ‘easy’ to their families sitting back home enjoying a lifestyle the bread earners sitting abroad can not dream of, and the obvious route of Afghanistan-Pakistan-Punjab now flung open, Punjab’s youth is definitely hollow with cavities left by tuberculosis which accompanies the HIV traveling down the syringes carrying the drugs inside the veins of those who eat their own home to fulfill their desires.

It’s no use saying anything now, it seems. People have decided that they want a richer lifestyle at the cost of their health no matter how short lived it is. People have decided that drugs are now the ‘in’ thing in Punjab. So, let’s celebrate – fashion of Punjab is making headlines and giving juicy news to the people outside the world. Like they say, badnaam huye to kya naam na hoga!

So, no ranting here! We as Punjabis should be very proud that we are now the leading drug addicts in India. I salute Punjabi women, who with their hard work, bold attitude and bravery have now started dispensing heroin, cocaine and other drugs to young boys thus bringing heavier gold sets for their necks. The teenagers have found a way to afford the latest brands in villages and the youth all over the world should learn this. In this business, no one is a loser. The victims only die after enjoying their life to the fullest. Drug companies make a moolah by selling the drugs needed for deaddiction and also to treat the diseases like HIV spread through syringes. The doctors have ample opportunity to open up any and every kind of deaddiction centers and make crores by freeing the sons of big homes of the menace. The arms dealers sell more arms needed by us the addicts to kill and rob the innocent people for money. Car dealers find themselves busier than ever selling swanky cars to drug dealers who might want to upgrade it every season. The drug dealers have actually made Punjab the best state for consumerism – we believe so! Chalo, aapaa ki laina.

So New York Times, Times of India, Independent, Guardian, and you name it – Honey Singh and bhangra could not attract them to Punjab the way our staple food has done these days. Wow!

I salute Punjab. Excellent. Lagge raho. While I read this story published last year in New York Times.

So are they the first independent and fearless (for obvious reason) media house to write that politicians distribute drugs in elections to get the votes? And election commission confirming the distribution of drugs in Punjab in elections is indeed a unique phenomenon. Hhmm!

And the question – will Punjab become Somalia? (7441)

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4 Responses to “Drugs in Punjab in Focus – Such a Proud Moment”

  1. Singh
    October 25, 2013 at 2:29 pm #

    From what we came for to what we become is depressing. Very informative article, but what is the solution to all of this? Our home is at risk, our youth have lost direction. We poke fun and joke about issues like these all the time but we don’t realize our history and culture will be lost by the next generation and all we will be remembered as is drug consuming people who will remember us as the hardest working, prosperous and diversified communities in the world.

  2. sandhu surjit
    June 20, 2013 at 5:57 am #

    rkahlon bhaji, is it really? i invite you to see Moga in real life…..

  3. Harnek
    June 20, 2013 at 2:51 am #

    Well, not sure how many punjabis are going to get a kick out of this sarcastic humor!

  4. sukh
    June 17, 2013 at 10:42 am #

    Laggi nazar punjab nu…ehdi nazar utaro..lai k mirchan kaurian..ehde sir ton waaro……..eh sb read kr k mnn nu bhut dukh lgda

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