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Dil Punjabi Canadian Dream Punjabi Film

Dil Punjabi Canadian Dream Punjabi FIlmThere is another film about to hit the Canadian borders titled as Dil Punjabi – Canadian Dream. The film is being directed by Babu Kishan. The Movie Dil Punjabi – Canadian Dream introduces new immigrants to the struggles that they may encounter arriving in Canada. New immigrants come to Canada with educated, enthusiastic, energetic, positive and full hope, they have read all the web sites about the wonderful opportunities in Canada. They are ready to start a new life, investing their life savings, all their effort, sometimes only to have their hopes dashed, when they realize it is not quite the picture that they had painted in their minds.

Starring: Sukh Dhaliwal, Baljinder Atwal, Danielle, Terry Lynn Gedanitz, Brook Lotzkar, Kashmir Singh Dhaliwal, Buja Singh mangat, Mayank Babbar, Joseph Acasta, Barbara Gregoir, Ferrone Gavriel, Gurmail badesha, Mr. & Mrs.Vivek Vasist, Qays Omeria, M S Jaswal, Bibek Singh Vasir, Jason Woodbeck, Harminder Birak, Gurpal S. Birak, Nozomi Yanai, Gurcharan talewalia, Wendy Chan, Sunjit Singh, Sara Aujla, Gian Kaur Shoker, Tyler Anthony Yang, Mr. & Mrs. Joshi, Ramanjeet, Christopher McKenzie , Ravleen Girgla, Katarina Zelenika & Sukhwinder Singh

Dil Punjabi Canadian Dream film poster

They soon find out employers want, “Canadian experience,” there are no jobs for those who are educated, for those who were lawyers, doctors, engineers, BA, MA, PHD, that there is a wall, a barrier, a depressing reality. Their education, and experience is not recognized in Canada, they must redo their education, their talent does not count, their past experience, and life is to disappear. A new immigrant must create their own reality, a new reality, or perish.

Dil Punjabi Canadian Dream film poster

The movie displays some of the struggles parents, and children may face if they take the wrong route. It gives an important message to parents to know what their children, and teens are doing, to trust your intuition, and that there are resources in Canada that can provide help to new immigrants.

As one new immigrant states, “Following at least six months to two years of frantic job searching, the new immigrants (doctors, engineers, professors, bankers, business executives) are forced to take up ordinary low-paid jobs as factory workers, security guards, waiters or in supermarkets, call centers or convenience stores, which lead to their low morale and low self-esteem. Even such works — to the detriment of both health and mind — are sometimes hard to find. This is really heartbreaking as it is demoralizing at the same time leaving them in a state of despair and despondency.”

Dil Punjabi Canadian Dream film poster

Immigrants, and immigrant children are the future of Canada, it is a story about the new immigrants need to change their old cultural view, a story of struggle, frustration, rejection, the illusion of the Canadian Dream, to some it can be an excruciatingly shocking painful experience, negotiating through the struggles, isolation, disappointment, patience, hope, and acceptance.

“An optimistic Indian family arrives in Canada with hopes, and dreams of a new life full of opportunity . They soon discover it is not easy to find work, or adjust to life in Canada. The teenage son is bullied, and disturbed watching his father struggle in a job that is that is menial, after all he was a successful lawyer back in India.

Dil Punjabi Canadian Dream film poster

This is a story of one young mans struggle between working hard, and innocently enough he falls into the wrong company, the world of gangsters and drug dealing. He wants to make fast money, to help his family, and be accepted by a community that has rejected him.

This family came with a dream of how life should be in Canada. The “CANADIAN DREAM is now falling apart. The land of opportunity, has turned upside down when they realize their son is involved with a white girl, which is not acceptable in their own culture. They start to wonder how he is making fast cash? Feeling isolated and estranged in this new land, they struggle with acceptance, frustration, never giving up hope.

Dil Punjabi Canadian Dream film poster

Dil Punjabi Canadian Dream film poster

Dil Punjabi Canadian Dream film poster

Dil Punjabi Canadian Dream film poster

Dil Punjabi Canadian Dream film poster


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