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Chamkila – Kunal Kapoor Film

"Chamkila - Kunal Kapoor"Film : Chamkila
Director : Navdeep Singh (Manorama Six Feet Under fame)
Producer : Nilesh Dadich
Starring : Kunal Kapoor (as Chamkila)
Music Composer : Amit Trivedi ( Dev-D fame)
Singers : Kunal Kapoor, Major Khan ( an upcoming singer from Punjab) , a Rajasthani folk group and a Punjabi band.
Scriptwriter : Kunal Kapoor

This film is based on popular punjabi singer Late.Amar Singh Chamkila who was assassinated in 1988. Kunal Kapoor is not only acting and singing for CHAMKILA but he is the one who came out with the whole concept of the film and wrote its script. Kunal Kapoor is presently attending music classes to train his voice so that he can act as well as sing for his upcoming film CHAMKILA. Kunal Kapoor came to know about Amar Singh Chamkila (A popular musician in Punjab in the 1980s) while he was shooting for a film on the outskirts of Punjab. It was here when he heard someone talking about Chamkila while listening to his song “Pehla Kam”.
The particular voice texture and the kind of music and songs by Chamkila made the actor curious and so he decided to find out more about the singer. Later he and his director friend Navdeep Singh decided to go on with this project which will be produced by Nilesh Dadich.

chamkila, kunal kapoor
Kunal Kapoor in Chamkila

chamkila, kunal kapoor
Late Amar Singh Chamkila with Amarjot

Being a film based on the life of a musician the music of the film will play a big role. So keeping this in mind Amit Trivedi of Dev-D fame has been given the responsibility for composing the music of the film CHAMKILA. Amit Trivedi repotedly visited many locations in Punjab to look for the right kind of voice needed for the film. Auditions were held in Chandigarh, Amritsar, Ludhiana and Jalandhar where some very talented singers with raw voices were shortlisted.

But in the end a new singer Major Khan whose voice seemed to fit the role, a Rajasthani folk group and a Punjabi band were selected who are now being recorded in Mumbai. The music director is working hard on Kunal’s singing skills as well because he wants to record a few songs in Kunal’s voice also so that justice can be done to Kunal’s role.

courtesy : HT

The film was in news back in 2009, no latest reports on the same have been heard. (2911)

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  2. Pritpal Pabla
    November 17, 2010 at 9:09 pm #

    Wow… Kunal actually wrote the script and all… just unbelievable… they can use some of his popular songs with new kinda music in the movie… thanks to PP for this amazing news…

  3. nav
    November 17, 2010 at 2:37 am #

    thts amazing!!…..honestly no one ever came up with this idea before and feel so good to hear that some one acknowledged Chamkila and his music,,,…i was so surprised to read that a person who barely knew anything about Chamkila is making an entire movie based on marhoom singer Chamkila……great work Kunal kapoor…i hope this movie gets great response coz this is the only way we can reward and appreciate Kunal Kaoor’s work and effort he has put in this movie…….
    ..apa ta poorey FAN ban gye an kunal kapoor de ajj ton ,,,;)

  4. Gavi
    October 28, 2010 at 9:46 pm #

    good job bro.

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    bahut hi vadhia upralla a g..

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    nice idea

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    October 25, 2010 at 12:21 am #

    CHAMKILA the Legend, barre hi Mannn di gall hai Punjabiat laee , k Bollywood ne us mahann Kalakar bare sochea

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    Kunal kapoor…?? wow!! bahut e hatt k ban rhi aa film.. i really wud love to watch it!! Best Wishes to the team!!

  9. raj+sidhu
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    yakin nai ho reha ke rip amar singh chamkila te movie ban rahi ae te o vi bollywood movie,pehla mainu lageya ki main supna dekh reha ha,movie bhut vadia hayogi, all the best team of chamkila [movie].

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