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Chak Jawana Film – Music Review

chak jawana music reviewThe soundtrack of long-awaited Gurdas Maan starrer Chak Jawana was released recently. Chak Jawana stars Gurdas Maan, Jonita Doda, Gaurav Kakkar, Sonal Minocha, Rana Ranbir, Karamjit Anmol, Pardeep Joshi, Prince K.J.Singh, Harry Sharan, Guddi, Shammi Malhotra & Late Gurkirtan ji. The film is Directed by Simerjit Singh and produced by Balli Janjua and Rupinder Chahal.The music of the album has been composed by Jaidev Kumar.The songs have been sung by Gurdas Maan, Alka Yagnik, Mika, Feroz Khan & Akruti Kakkar. Five of the six songs have been written by Gurdas Maan himself, whereas Paun Dendi Hai Hulare has been written by Sham-Balkar.
Here is the complete track list:

1. Pind Di Saver – Gurdas Maan
2. Chori, Yaari, Nasha – Gurdas Maan
3. Tu Chanan Main Parchhavan – Gurdas Maan & Alka Yagnik
4. Yaar De Viah – Gurdas Maan & Mika
5. Paun Dendi Hai Hulare – Feroz Khan & Akruti Kakkar (lyrics Sham-Balkar)
6. Chak Jawana – Gurdas Maan

Chak Jawana Music Release Gurdas Mann

The album opens with the trademark Gurdas Mann solo Pind Di Saver, The USP of the song is Gurdas Maan’s excellent rendition. The song describes the morning in words which are the trademark of Gurdas Maan. The song takes you down the memory lane and you get nostalgic in the feeling. The people of older age group will enjoy it and the young are already enjoying this chart buster hit.

Known for his socially engaging lyrics, Gurdas Mann once again comes up with the message against drug menace in Chori, Yaari, Nasha. The song excellently imparts the message in Gurdas Mann’s forever young voice and song takes a comical approach towards the drug culture in Punjab.

Chak Jawana Music Release Gurdas Mann

Next in line, Alka Yagnik ‘s soothing vocals in the duet Tu Chanan Main Parchhavan are a pleasure to hear. The honey sweet vocal rendition has a soothing effect on the ears. This Gurdas Maan and Alka Yagnik duet is a soft romantic number, beautifully composed by Jaidev Kumar.

After a couple of slow numbers, Yaar De Viah featuring Mika sets up the pace. The song that appears to be a situational number, is an entertaining and fun-filled beat song. Mika and Gurdas Maan render this song effortlessly. Probably its the first time that Mika and Gurdas Maan has sung together.

Chak Jawana Music Release Gurdas Mann

Up next, is a Feroz Khan & Akruti Kakkar duet - Paun Dendi Hai Hulare, another slow paced romantic number from the film. It appeals to perfection and lends a romantic backdrop to the senses. The song is simply the best one in the album and the music is plain brilliant.

The title track Chak Jawana opens on an electrifying note as this is an upbeat song as is a foot-tapping & energetic one. Apart from that its an average track, some people will like it, some won’t.

Chak Jawana Music Release Gurdas Mann

The album altogether is a mixed one and there are many different shades to it. As it goes with gurdas maan the songs have a didactic purpose to them as well. The film is set to be released on 27th August and finally this long awaited film will hit the market.

Considering this is a film with Gurdas Maan in the cast, Mika and Feroz Khan singing in the album actually speaks a lot about the open nature of the film. This indeed is a welcome addition and lot of praises should be showered upon Gurdas Maan for singing these songs with fellow singers. (3690)

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