Asin Kaun Haan? is the effort to unify the efforts of all my friends i have made on internet, who seek to raise the level of Punjab, Punjabiyat and its real rich culture as we know it. Punjabiyat is not about being from a certain religious sect. Punjabiyat is not about being a Sikh or a Hindu, its about being a Punjabi. Punjabiyat is a way of life, it’s the way to live the life at the fullest and keeping an open heart for everyone. So everyone who has the tendency to enrich the world with their helpful nature, is welcome here. Join the portal to Punjabiness..!!


Bobby Sandhu (Baltej Singh Sandhu)
PP id: ~bobbysandhu


Sumit Chahal
PP id: ~rane
Email :


Dolly Sandhu
PP id: ~dollysandhu
Email :


Sumit Chahal
PP id: ~rane
Email :

Development Head

Samir Dixit
PP id: ~arshvayu

Special Thanks To:

Rana Ranbir
Rana bai was the first person who actually believed in PunjabiPortal and helped us without any selfish interest. He was the first one to invite PP crew to the sets of his films, due to which now we are known in the industry. A never ending thanks to him.

Harry Brar
Our mentor and guide. Its because Harry Brar gives us confidence and support that PunjabiPortal keeps moving ahead. More then just support he has given us the practical guidance and the ways this industry works, without which we cant survive.

Amrinder Gill
Amrinder Gill's down to earth attitude and a genuine wish to promote PP has brought us a lots of members and celebrities. When a singer of Amrinder Gill's status puts in good words for a site like us, it automatically generates a trust and standard in the industry. Gill bai has taught me that if you keep up your efforts and keep providing quality content, you will be noticed and admired.

Parminder Singh Ubhi
For the support throughout the development process, helping us sort out many technical and php issues, and especially for lending us their coding framework for use in the site. A million thanks and respect.

Prince Pal
For the help from the very beginning of the website and giving it a proper direction. Also for the moral support and providing the means to conceive this website. If it wasnt for prince Bai, PunjabiPortal would have different future.

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